The Science and Engineering Mentoring Outreach Program

Based at Santa Clara University

Catalog of Mentoring Workshops/ Activities

1. Resume Workshop

Begins with presentation on how to create/ improve a high school resume. Mentors then work with students in small groups to create/ improve each student’s resume. This is a popular spring workshop. For this workshop we recommend teachers assigning students the homework of creating their first draft resume to bring with them to the workshop.

2. Cover Letter Workshop

If your students already have resumes or have already gone through the resume workshop we can follow-up with a Cover Letter Workshop. For this workshop, students will need to bring in their resumes and a job description to mock apply to. We will begin with a presentation on how to create a cover letter, then break into small groups so that mentors can help student’s write their cover letters individually.

3. Mock Interview Workshop

Students must come prepared to the mock interview in business casual attire with two copies of their resume. It is recommended that they also bring a job description for a summer job or internship they would like to apply for. We will begin with a presentation of how to prepare and conduct yourself in an interview. Each mentor will have a sign-up list for 15-30min mock interview slots. Students sign-up for one slot each and may sign-up for additional if times allows. Mentors will give both written and verbal feedback to the student.

4. Finding Professional Mentors Workshop

This workshop begins with a presentation on how to contact professionals to request mentoring. Mentors then work with students in small groups to draft their letters or brainstorm search ideas. Handout included.

5. Resource Annotations Workshop

If your students struggle with writing research papers, this workshops teaches the skills of siting sources on a research paper properly. It will begin with a presentation and then break into small groups to help students with starting their research paper. Handout included. For this workshop, students should already have a class assignment that involves siting sources and doing research on a topic that the mentors can help them with.

6. Career Diversity Workshop/ Panel

If students are having trouble developing career goals or simply don’t know what’s “out there” to pursue, this workshop introduces how to search for a career path that is right for them. We will begin with a presentation on how to brainstorm and research career paths and present information on a few common career paths. Mentors then form a panel where they discuss how they decided to pursue their path and students can ask any questions about the career pursuit journey of our mentors.

7. Major Diversity Workshop/ Panel

If students know they want to attend college but are unsure of what major to pursue, this workshop goes over ways to choose a major and the path our mentors took to decide theirs. We will begin with a presentation on how to brainstorm and search for a major and then have a mentor panel where mentors will talk about how they decided their major. During the panel, students can ask mentors any questions about their college major decision journey.

8. College Applications Workshop/ Panel

Do your students know the steps involved to apply to college or do they need help with essays or other parts of their application? This workshop can focus on different things depending on your students’ needs. Mentors can present on:

  • Overview of all the steps to apply from when to take the SATs to when to complete FAFSTA. Includes recommended timeline.
  • How to choose a college/ program
  • How to complete the college application
  • team-How to write college admission essays
  • How to request letters of recommendation
  • Other aspects of college applications available upon request

9. College Life Workshop/Panel

If your students are nervous about going to college because of the many lifestyle changes that occur, your students can learn more about what college is really like from our mentors. This activity can either be a panel only with mentors answering student questions the entire period or it can begin with a presentation on what to typically expect in college followed by a shorter panel Q&A. Mentors will begin the panel with typical questions on this topic and then students can begin asking any questions they have.

10. Science Fair Mentoring

This activity is completely tailored to class needs. Mentors will show up ready to help with science fair and will work with students individually on whatever stage students are currently working on in their science fair project.

11. Other class-projects assistance

If your students are working on a big class project and you think they may need help getting started with it, our mentors are available to help. For these requests, the more advanced notice we have the better so our mentors can prepare for the new topic.

12. Special Request

We are open to other suggestions based on teacher needs. If you have another idea for something you think our mentors can help with, we would love to hear about it! We are constantly trying to create more workshops and activities that may be helpful for classrooms.