The Science and Engineering Mentoring Outreach Program

Based at Santa Clara University

What we are looking for in SCU mentors

A Santa Clara University student mentor must be

  • knowledgeable
  • resourceful
  • approachable
  • team-oriented
  • a responsible individual who will follow through with their commitment to the program

Important qualities of a mentor in the SEMO Program include the ability to work well with high school age students and knowledge of soft skills as well as other skills to pass on to their mentee. STEM majors are preferred, and SCU students who are comfortable with tutoring in mathematics are also good candidates for the program. Language skills, particularly in Spanish and Tagalog, may be beneficial.

SEMO applicants who express interest in long-term commitment to the program over multiple years are most desired.

Requirements of SCU students who are accepted into the SEMO Program

Each quarter, Santa Clara University students who are accepted into the SEMO Program must be committed to attending the training meeting, at least two high school visits, and any follow-up meetings with other Santa Clara University participants. Mentors must invest time and effort into their mentees during SEMO group on-site visits. It is expected that mentors will be respectful and use good judgment when representing SEMO and Santa Clara University. Any questionable or inappropriate behavior may result in immediate dismissal from the program.

Each SCU student in the program must be willing to submit to fingerprinting upon request if necessary, which can be arranged once s/he is accepted into the program.